Data Layer

The data layer is a UI-based data integration module. It enables users to extract data from various source systems, transform it and deliver it in a presentable way. The screenshot below gives an overview of available features. 

To use the data layer:

Step 1: Open Lumenore> Self Service, then click on Data Layer. 


  • Step 2:  The data layer window appears; the user has three modules: 
  • Source 
  • Target 
  • Transformation  


  • Source: – The source section reads data from the local file system, or you can use pre-created connectors to get data. You can also extract data from the table, database, or cloud connector. 
  • Target: – After performing any task on the data extracted from the source, target helps us load the data into the database, any file system, or any cloud storage. 
  • Transformation: – Data transformation is converting a raw data source into a cleansed, validated, and ready-to-use format. For example, we can perform data cleaning, validation, null removal, or other operations using transformation. Below is the screenshot of the change and the various operations it allows a user to do. 


For changing the project in Data Layer:-

The user can change the project from the top left corner of the window. For changing the project: 

  1. Click on the current project name; a drop-down will appear. 
  2. Select the project from the drop-down menu.