Ask Me


Ask Me serves as a Natural Language Query (NLQ) tool enabling users to input business queries in everyday English. It promptly delivers data insights, functioning much like a search engine such as Google. This tool provides instant information on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or metrics, accessible through voice search or simple text queries.

With Ask Me, users can visualize search query results comprehensively, displayed in tables, charts, detailed analyses, and singular KPI presentations.

Conversational intelligence refers to a machine or computer program’s capability to comprehend, interpret, and respond to human language, simulating a conversation akin to human-to-human interaction.

 Key features of Ask Me

  1. Search: Enter a business query here.
  2. Audio Search: Utilize voice commands to ask questions.
  3. Schema On: Displays the active schema in Ask Me; users can switch schemas to obtain specific insights.
  4. Change Schema: Click here to switch the active schema and fetch insights from a different dataset.
  5. Ask Me Manager: Manage Data Dictionary, Hierarchy, Variables, Data Security, Synonyms, User Preferences, and Minify settings based on insights requirements.
  6. Help: Access guidance for formulating valid questions by defining measures and attributes for query building if needed.

Note: The default search preference is visible. Click “Change Schema” to select a different schema.

Search: Upon entering a business query, the following options will be displayed.

  1. Recent Searches: Displays a list of all recent searches conducted.
  2. Trending Searches: Lists all current popular search queries, a combination of queries by users in similar roles.
  3. Favorites: Stores insights marked by users for quick access.
  4. Sample Questions: Provides a list of example questions to guide users in formulating queries within the selected Schema.
  5. Help: Offers assistance in defining valid questions by allowing users to select measures and attributes to build a valid query in case of difficulty.