Query Building & Execution


To acquire insights in Ask Me, users can construct a query through various methods:


1. Manual Input: Users can manually create a query by typing in the search bar.

2. Voice Search: Users can build a query by speaking naturally into the system for voice search.

3. Help: In case users face difficulty forming a query, the Help tab offers guidance by allowing users to select attributes and measures to construct a query based on their needs.


Manual Input

Formulating and executing a user’s query, results in obtaining insights as per the query drafted.

Step 1: For instance, consider the scenario where a user seeks to calculate the cumulative sales and profit across all years. In this case, the query would be “Sales Profit by Year.” Upon entering or selecting the right arrow, the system processes the query to deliver the desired information.

Step 2: The query results display insights showcasing sales and profit year-over-year, facilitating a comparative analysis of their growth.

Step 3: To further personalize the insights, users can access the right panel within the insight window, which includes the following options:

  • Visualization: Visualization options offer customizable chart types tailored to the user’s preferences. Varieties include Bar, Line, Pie, Lollipop, Scatter, Area charts, and Map (for geographical data).

  • Extensive Analysis: Advanced-level filters such as Top 5, Bottom 5, Sort by equal importance, Growth percentage evaluation, Date filters, Outlier Analysis, and Regression Analysis are available for extensive analysis.

  • Related Search: Additionally, the tool displays recent searches related to the existing query in the Related Search section.