Quick Start 


Login into the Lumenore website This user must register on the Lumenore website by clicking on Get Started. After signing up, use your credentials to log in to the website. 

Home: This tab has all the significant features of Lumenore; the user can access all the elements with a click from the homepage. 

Lumenore Connect: Through this tab, the user can connect the data from various connectors by Lumenore. 

Dashboard: This tab gives access to the user of already published dashboards. 

Ask Me: This tab provides users access to the Ask Me module, a natural language query engine. The new Gen AI-driven analytics enables users to ask business questions in simple English and provides accurate real-time results.  

Do You Know: It’s a predictive analytics based on AIML; the user can get future insights through Regression analysis, Prediction, Correlation, Trend, and outliers.  

Self-Service: This tab provides the user access to the Self-Service module. Using this module, users can do the following tasks on their own: 

  • Connect to the source data. 
  • Schema creation. 
  • Create and publish their dashboards using different schemas and KPIs. 
  • Development space: It gives access to uploaded datasets and draft dashboards. 

Manage: This tab provides users access to a management console to manage the following: 

  1. Sharing: Sharing insights with other users of the organization. The users can manage the information which is shared with them and which is shared by them. 
  2. Schedule: Reports are scheduled by users to get updated insights. Users can schedule to update the data at regular or customized intervals, which will reflect on the dashboards. 
  3. Alert: Alerts created by them or shared by other users. The user can set alerts on various KPIs; the alert will be sent to their respective registered mail Id. 
  4. Publish: This section lists all the files the user exports. Usually, these files could not be downloaded instantly from the dashboard. Once the file is downloaded (the user gets notified), a notification is sent to the user. 
  5. Groups: Users can create and manage groups to share insights and dashboards. 
  6. Language Icon: Users can choose their preferred language for interaction on the platform. 

Guided Tour: Gives an overall view of the platform’s functions and features that are available to the user. 

Notifications: It notifies the users about all the actions that have taken place on the platform, such as sharing, comments & likes, alerts, and data load. 

Profile: This module provides various options to manage the user’s profile.